England Is Unwell Tour 2018 – L.A. Salami
L.A. Salami – Another Shade of Blue

Another shade of blue (2013)

L.A. Salami – The Prelude

The Prelude

Dancing With Bad Grammar (2016)

Lookman & The Botmakers

Lookman & The Bootmakers (2017)

L.A. Salami – Post–Modern Blues: An Introduction

Post–Modern Blues: An Introduction (playlist)

L.A. Salami Colour Vinyl

City of Bootmakers – Limited Edition Pressing (1,000 copies)



The City Nowadays

I Wear This Because Life Is War

When The Poet Sings (Burberry Acoustic)

Gets You Wondering

L.A. Salami by Ruari Meehan
L.A. Salami by Ruari Meehan